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Hemp in Italy

Say Farm every day commitment aims to build a positive environment towards the hemp’s world and to improve the satisfaction of all our business partners.

Our Vision

At Say Farm we work every day to offer high quality products, in line with the legislative indications of the various countries of the European territory with which we cooperate. .

Say Farm believes in a business model that combines quality, additional services, customer care, incentives and transparency. .

A strong passion for our working field and honesty inspire our daily work and the people we work with.

In Say Farm quality, innovation and customer care converge and combine to offer the best customer experience to all hemp companies.

Our Mission
We like to think of a future in which the hemp industry is welcomed and valued, thanks to a production chain based on responsibility, quality, transparency and sustainability.

Say Farm intends to be the driving force behind this transformation, setting new standards and creating a path towards a rich and bright future.

We apply our expertise and know-how to develop every area of our company and the hemp market in Europe.

From cultivation to sales, through customer care services and laboratory analysis, Say Farm stands out in the hemp industry thanks to the ability to continuously raise the level of satisfaction for all our customers and partners.

We are here to listen, assist and provide our partners with all the services, information and support they need, step by step.

Say Farm is officially ISO 9001 Certified

Professionalism and transparency have always been two core values for us at Say Farm.
Believing in our approach and in our work has brought us many satisfactions in these years of growth, up to push us to take a further step.

Appointing a Certifying Body to officially recognize our commitment was definitely an ambitious goal, but we decided to believe in our work and, thanks to the commitment and dedication of the whole team, Say Farm is now a ISO 9001 CERTIFIED company!

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is not only a source of pride, but allows us to be recognised by our partners, customers and competitors as a stable, reliable and serious company.

What does it mean to obtain ISO 9001 Certification? This means that the company and its entire production and operational chain comply with the requirements of the international standards for the quality management system. Not only the commitment to obtain certification has allowed us to grow and enhance our strengths, but also to create an effective mechanism of self-control and self-improvement.

The Headquarters

Deployed within a structure of 4.000 square meters, in the Genoese operational headquarters of Say Farm you can find a large area dedicated to offices, conference rooms and a big showroom to offer the best welcome for our customers and for all visitors.

Our Warehouse

The area dedicated to warehousing (1,000 square meters) is constantly evolving to adapt to new techniques for processing and storing our products.

Say Farm warehouse is in fact equipped with machinery for temperature and humidity monitoring in order to guarantee the best hemp preservation processes and, consequently, the very high quality of our products.

It doesn’t end there: about 35 workers who specialize in such activities as machine cleaning, scissor cleaning, production and processing of extracts, resins, oils, etc., work continuously in this area.

Research, Security, Development

The Laboratory is the jewel in the crown for Say Farm: it is a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory, equipped with instrumentation and equipment of academic level, which testifies to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Thanks to our laboratory we are able to guarantee the highest safety standards for our products, providing customers and partners with a series of practical services, but also certainty and serenity.

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