Hemp production in Italy


The SayFarm company

Born as a simple commercial enterprise, in a few years it has achieved very ambitious goals, becoming the first Italian group specialized in the productiontransformation and distribution
of hemp throughout the European territory.

Located in a structure of 4,000 square meters, the company has a large area for offices and meetings and a very welcoming showroom for customers. The pride of this first area is our latest generation in-house analysis laboratory, completely visible thanks to a large glass wall.

We will host you in our showroom where you can learn about every production, research and shipping process. You will also be able to select and reserve the best products for future orders.


Our Warehouse

The second area (1000 square meters) is intended for the Warehouse, equipped with machines for temperature and humidity control in order to ensure the best hemp conservation and thus avoid the formation of pathogens.
About 35 people work in this area.

They’re specialized in various activities: machine cleaning, scissor cleaning, production and processing of oils, extracts, resins and more.

Safety – Research – Development

The lab

A state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, equipped with the same professional instruments as Certified University Laboratories, is essential to guarantee the highest safety standards to the Company and therefore to its customers / Partners.

Every small batch, every processing or derivative is analyzed in a serial and scrupulous way by our staff in order to remain in compliance with the THC standards of each country.

A historical archive of the results is available to our clients and to supervisory authorities.



Our group

A young team attentive to customer needs led by a management with decades of experience in the industrial and pharmaceutical sector.


Yuri Aimo

CEO, Founder

Salvatore Ricotta

CEO, Founder

Sandra D'Alessio


Marco Bernardin